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883 North Bridge Rd #05-04, Southbank
Singapore 198785

Contact Information

Ms Grace Chong/ Rebecca
Tel : (65)6293-5232
Fax : (65)6292-2100

Lic No.: 94C2933

Why choose Us?

  • We believe in good customer relations and practically all our customers are recommended to us as we do not advertise on the papers.
  • As they say, word of mouth is the most effective way of advertising.
  • Our loyal customers stay with us for 18 years and our maids have served them for many years.
  • If you need someone to take care of a special child, the aged or invalid/bedridden besides housework and cooking, just let us know and we will cater to your need.
  • Our maid, Miss Estelita Lapada, won the award for MAID OF THE YEAR 2001.
  • We personally interview our maids and will do our utmost to give you a good match.
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